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On top of the Pico del Campanario of the Volcan Nevado de Toluca in Mexico (4450m) on 23 November 2008, with a view of Popacatepetl volcano in the background:

I have enjoyed climbing mountains since I was 18 years old. I have given up trying to climb all 284 Munros (mountains over 3000 feet) in Scotland, but I have climbed all twelve of the mountains in England and Wales over 3000 feet - a much less impressive total.

Overall, I have climbed 165 peaks of over 3000 ft (913m) - 75 in Scotland, all 8 in Wales, all 4 in England, 3 in Ireland, 67 elsewhere in Europe, 4 in Latin America, 3 in Asia, and 1 in New Zealand.

The highest mountain I have climbed is Pico del Campanario of the Volcan Nevada du Toluca in Mexico (4450m) - see photo above. The next highest climbed are in the Pyrenees: Aneto (3404m), Vignemale (3298m), Le Taillon (3144m) and Petit Vignemale (3032m). Overall, I have climbed 23 mountains over 2000 metres. All these 2000+ metre climbs were made in 1990 or later.

I'm still trying to keep fit and I hope to continue mountain walking for many years.