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    Lectures and Courses


    See my 2014 lecture on "The Future of Work in the Twenty-First Century" HERE


    I have given individual lectures, or series of lectures, at many academic institutions throughout the world.

    Past and possible lectures include:


    Broader and More Topical Issues


    • The Great Crash of 2008 and the reform of economics
    • Brakes on Chinese economic development
    • Mathematics and modern economics
    • Business evolution and the costs of change
    • Economics, sociology and the prospects for a unified social science
    • Darwinism and the social sciences
    • From pleasure machines to moral communities
    • The evolution of morality and the end of economic man

    Course of Lectures on Capitalism

    Full version below - It can be shortened to about 9 lectures


    • Introduction - what are the issues?
    • Distilling the essence of capitalism
    • Social structure and individual motivation
    • Law and the state
    • Property, possession and contract
    • Commodity exchange and markets
    • Money and finance
    • Meanings of capital
    • Firms and corporations
    • Labour and employment
    • A definition of capitalism
    • Concepualizing production
    • Socialism, capitalism and the state
    • How does capitalism evolve?
    • The future of global capitalism
    • Addressing inequality
    • After capitalism?

    Institutional Theory and Methodology


    • What are institutions?
    • The old and the new institutional economics: how are they different?
    • Meanings of methodological individualism
    • Institutional and evolutionary economics as the new mainstream?
    • The crisis of evolutionary economics
    • The emergence of institutions: the example of a traffic convention
    • Causality and agency
    • Institutionalism versus Marxism
    • The problem of historical specificity
    • Social formations and levels of abstraction
    • Moral sentiments and moral communities
    • Morality and cooperation in business
    • The 'economics of property rights' is about neither property nor rights

    History of the Original Institutional Economics


    • The German historical school
    • Thorstein Veblen's evolutionary institutionalism
    • Thorstein Veblen's success and failure
    • The metamorphosis of institutionalism
    • John R. Commons and the tangled jungle
    • Wesley Mitchell and the rise of macroeconomics
    • The evolution of Clarence Ayres 

    General Principles of Socio-Economic Evolution


    • Introduction and historical background
    • Generalizing Darwinism
    • Rival and rebuttals
    • The Lamarckian confusion
    • The principle of selection and its application to social evolution
    • Information, complexity and generative replication
    • From group selection to organizational interactors
    • Major informational transitions in social evolution
    • Conclusions and agenda for future research

    Miscellaneous lectures on business organisations


     Applications and Legal Aspects of Institutional Economics


    • The economics of corruption and the corruption of economics
    • Institutions, recessions and recovery in the transitional economies
    • An institutional and evolutionary perspective on health economics
    • Institutional and structural brakes on Chinese economic development
    • Legal institutionalism: capitalism and the constitutive role of law

    The above repertoire of over forty lectures is indicative and flexible. Lectures can be modified and combined in various ways.

    If you wish to invite me to give a lecture or a lecture course, then please email