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    The data below are derived from the Thomson Reuters Web of Science website. They relate to Thomson Reuters sources and objects only. Items in other journals and books are thus excluded, as both sources and objects of citation. But published items include reviews, which are rarely cited.

    This information was last updated on 16 August 2014. 

    Publications in Each Year

      Citations in Each Year

    The above data are for 1995-2013 only. The citations below are since publication.


    My 30 Most Highly Cited Articles

    In descending citation order.

    No.Citations                Article

    249.    ‘The Approach of Institutional Economics’, Journal of Economic Literature, 36(1), March 1998, pp. 166-92.

    180.    ‘What Are Institutions?’, Journal of Economic Issues, 40(1), March 2006, pp. 1-25.

    108.     ‘Darwinism in Economics: From Analogy to Ontology’, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 12(2), June 2002, pp. 259-81.

    92.      (With Thorbjørn Knudsen) ‘The Firm as an Interactor: Firms as Vehicles for Habits and Routines’, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 14(3), July 2004, pp. 281-307.

    85.      ‘The Ubiquity of Habits and Rules’, Cambridge Journal of Economics, 21(6), November 1997, pp. 663-84.

    80.      (With Thorbjørn Knudsen) ‘Why We Need a Generalized Darwinism: And Why a Generalized Darwinism is Not Enough’, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 61(1), Sept 2006, pp. 1-19.* 

    68.      Competence and Contract in the Theory of the Firm’, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 35(2), April 1998, pp. 179-201.

    65.      ‘The Hidden Persuaders: Institutions and Individuals in Economic Theory’, Cambridge Journal of Economics, 27(2), March 2003, pp. 159-75.

    55.      (With Howard E. Aldrich, David L. Hull, Thorbjørn Knudsen, Joel Mokyr and Viktor J. Vanberg) ‘In Defence of Generalized Darwinism’, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 18(5), Oct 2008, pp. 577-96.

    53.      (With Richard Carter) The Impact of Empirical Tests of Transaction Cost Economics on the Debate on the Nature of the Firm’, Strategic Management Journal, 27(5), May 2006, pp. 461-76.

    52.      ‘What is the Essence of Institutional Economics?’, Journal of Economic Issues, 34(2), June 2000, pp. 317-29.

    39.     ‘Institutions and Individuals: Interaction and Evolution’, Organization Studies, 28(1), January 2007, pp. 95-116.

    39.      (With Thorbjørn Knudsen) ‘The Complex Evolution of a Simple Traffic Convention: The Functions and Implications of Habit’, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 54(1), 2004, pp. 19-47.

    34.      (With Thorbjørn Knudsen) ‘Dismantling Lamarckism: Why Descriptions of Socio-Economic Evolution as Lamarckian are Misleading’, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 16(4), October 2006, pp. 343-66.

    33.      (With Harry Rothman) ‘The Editors and Authors of Economics Journals: A Case of Institutional Oligopoly?’, Economic Journal, 109(2), February 1999, pp. F165-86.

    31.       (With Thorbjørn Knudsen) ‘The Nature and Units of Social Selection’, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 16(5), December 2006, pp. 477-89.

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    28.      ‘Reclaiming Habit for Institutional Economics’, Journal of Economic Psychology, 25(4), October 2004, pp. 651-60.

    27.      ‘The Mecca of Alfred Marshall’, The Economic Journal, 103(2), March 1993, pp. 406-15.

    24.      ‘John R. Commons and the Foundations of Institutional Economics', Journal of Economic Issues37(3), September 2003, pp. 547-76.

    22.      ‘The Revival of Veblenian Institutional Economics’, Journal of Economic Issues, 41(2), June 2007, pp. 325-40.

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    17.      ‘Institutional Rigidities and Economic Growth’, Cambridge Journal of Economics, 13(1), March 1989, pp. 79-101.

    16.       Social Darwinism in Anglophone Academic Journals: A Contribution to the History of the Term’, Journal of Historical Sociology, 17(4), December 2004, pp. 428-63.

    16.      ‘Opportunism is Not the Only Reason Why Firms Exist: Why an Explanatory Emphasis on Opportunism May Mislead Management Strategy’, Industrial and Corporate Change, 13(2), April 2004, pp. 403-20.

    16.      ‘The Rationalist Conception of Action’, Journal of Economic Issues, 19(4), December 1985.


    * Essential Science Indicators, Hot Paper Status, January 2008By March 2009 this was the most cited paper published in JEBO since 2005.